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WinPoints plan details

Keeping your WinPoints balance positive allows you to take advantage of all our Advanced Bidding services, without limits.  Your WinPoints balance remains as long as you make at least one bid per year.  When you win an auction, we deduct 1 WinPoint per 1.00 for the winning auction price (1%).  There is a minimum fee of 25 WinPoints for items under 25.00 and a max fee of 1,000 WinPoints for items over 1,000.00.


Charges Based on Final Value

Item Amount Fee
Auction lost 0 WinPoints (free)
Auction won that ended at 24.99 or less 25 WinPoints
Auction won that ended between 25.00 and 999.99 1% of final price
Auction won that ended at 1000.00 or more 1000 WinPoints


Example WinPoints History

Transaction Fee Balance
$5.00 WinPoints Purchase 500 500
Item A - Won for $120 120 380
Item B - Outbid 0 380
Item C - Won for $15 25 355

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